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On most accounts you have the choice to make custom error pages. These are pages like the 404 error page that occurs when you type a URL that does not exist. What most people don’t know is you can customize these error pages to give your site a more profession look.

Customizing your error pages
First you must find the error pages icon within the control panel and click on it

Error Pages

The following menu will then load.

Error Pages

You then have a choice of which error pages you would like to customize Most people make one standard error page which includes their company / site logo and a little bit of text, you can also put an e-mail address for the user to contact if the problem keeps occurring.
You can now select one of the following error pages to customize by clicking on the underlined numbers.
The following menu will then load.

Error Pages

You can then fill in the text box using HTML code. There are also buttons at the top of the screen to help you insert tags. Once you have typed in your code click the save button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be told in for error page creation was successful.


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