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Your account will have a default mail address. This is where unrouted e-mail gets sent. Unrouted e-mail is mail that does not have its on mailbox set up for it.

Changing your default mail address
You can set where you want all your unrouted mail to be sent by clicking on the default address icon on the control panel.

Default Address

Once you have clicked on the above button the following menu will appear.

Default Address

This menu shows you where your unrouted mail is already being sent. If you would like to change this address click on the [Set default address] button at the bottom of the menu. The following screen will then appear.

Default Address

You can then enter the address where you would like all your unrouted mail to be sent. Once you have entered the address into the textbox click on the change button. You will then be told if the address change was successful.


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