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Transfers / New domains

If your domain name registration or transfer has not yet completed, you can access your website using your IP address/~user name/. Your site may be available already at www. your domain

Your Control Panel

Your control panel is located at your IP address/cp-menu login using your user name and password. Later when DNS and domainregistration or transfer has completed updating you will access your control panel at www.your domain name/cp-menu

ftp:// IP addrress/ login using your user name and password. ftp your site files to /public_html folder note: delete Netstar welcome index page before uploading your files.
label your home page “ index.html”

Domain Name Registrations

If you did not have us transfer or register your domain name for you please don't forget to do so. If you haven't registered your domain then. we can do it for you for just $50 for the first 2 years(compare to $70
that InterNic charges).


Typically you will need to modify your domain name record to reflect

Our Name Servers (DNS): ..........

Your account is now fully functional. Remember that your domain name

record may not work yet if DNS needs to update.


Typically if we have not received your payment at this point then your

site is now operating under our 15 day trial grace period.

Please make and send all payments to:



30 pleasant St. Unit# 3

Enfield, CT 06082

Credit Cards

Use our create an account area at:

Thanks for your business
NOTE: If you decide to cancel you account with us please email us at


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